Why Futereum Is The Future of Cryptocurrency Economics

What is Futereum?

Futereum is a smart contract-based cryptocurrency ecosystem which uses something called synthetic utility to enhance crypto traders’ returns. Synthetic utility, unlike utility, is not just about coin supply, but it is about how that supply is used to gain more coin supply. By swapping backwards and forwards for various crypto “proxies” the Futereum Network allows a holder of, say, one Ether, to potentially multiply that coin into many more times that amount of Ether, plus BNB, MKR and other ERC20 tokens.

How Do You Play Futereum?

There are five Futereum smart contracts in all and they are played slightly differently. For FUTR and FUTX, the original Futereum contracts, simply send ETH to the smart contract address. In return, you will receive FUTR and/or FUTX coins, depending on what contract you play, obviously. After a set period of time you will be able to re-exchange the coins for a different (preferably higher) quantity of Ether by, once again, simply sending the Futereum coins back to the smart contract address. For FUTB and FUTM it’s a little bit more work, but still easy enough when you get the hang of it. First of all, choose the coin you are mining into the Futereum smart contract and activate it for mining using Metamask:

In this example, we have chosen to activate 1 million BNB tokens for mining into FUTB. This is done by putting the FUTB smart contract address into the BNB approve spending panel under the Write Contract area of the BNB smart contract. FUTB accepts the following tokens for mining and all have variable mining ratios:

Now you are going to want to mine the tokens that you have approved for spending. In this case we want to mine BNB so we navigate to the FUTB smart contract page on Etherscan under Write Contract and we enter in the amount of BNB we want to mine into FUTB, along with the BNB contract code:

For FUTM the process is the same, except that FUTM only accepts FUTB for mining, so you will not need to add the FUTB smart contract address in the FUTM Write Contract section under mine as you do for FUTB mining.

For Futereum Centurian, or FUTC, the process is a bit different. This is a very high value token that accrues incredible value over time as a result of the token contract receiving value in the form of alternate tokens via FUTR, FUTX, FUTB and FUTM!

There is no need to swap anything – you will never have to give up a single FUTC to claim value here. Instead, you simply activate the Claim Tokens button on Etherscan using Metamask and Futereum will deliver the tokens in its smart contract to your personal wallet:

Select Option 3 for claiming ETH rewards and Option 7 for claiming ERC20 token rewards

Is Futereum Likely To Scale?

We think it is highly probable that Futereum will become one of the dominant cryptocurrency networks in the next crypto bull market. Players who get in now in our view will not regret this decision at all. This is because of the integrated, well-established coding of the smart contracts (over 10 smart contracts were used to make this technology viable in total, with around 1000 lines of code per contract – an incredible feat by the standards of even the very best engineers around). Also, Futereum is taking aim at a significant problem for cryptos, which is: how do we create value reinforcement and accumulation in a world with so much speculative and volatile cryptocurrency returns?

Our Verdict on Futereum

Futereum Centurian is rumoured to be appearing on multiple high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming weeks (think: Bancor-big) and its status as a depositary mechanism for accruing crypto fees derived form its currency ecosystem makes it an infinitely more appealing token to hold than your standard ERC20. We give the Futereum ecosystem, and FUTC in particular, a strong buy rating for its smooth and professional engineering and well-established economic foundations.

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