Robert Kiyosaki predicts: Bitcoin will become more expensive, gold will fall below USD 1,200

Robert Kiyosaki once again shared his prediction for bitcoin (BTC), silver and gold with his fans. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency will become more expensive. The metal of kings is about to get cheaper. He also advises investors to prepare for the “biggest crash in history,” which he predicted in his book many years ago.

Robert Kiyosaki gave his forecast for bitcoin and precious metals valuations

book author Rich dad, poor dadRobert Kiyosaki, wrote at Xwhat he thinks about the current economic situation in the USA. He quoted Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments:

Andy Schectman asks a very important question. “Who will buy US bonds?”

Kiyosaki replies:

Banks buy gold, not American debt. How will America function without money? (…) What will you do without money? Gold will likely fall below $1,200. Silver will rise and so will bitcoin. Look after yourself. Be careful.

At the time of writing, gold is trading at $2,025 per ounce, silver is trading at $23.48 and bitcoin is trading at $51,514.

Tired of experts? – Robert Kiyosaki asks you

In the next post, he criticized the “experts”. In his opinion, they focus unnecessarily on “what the Fed is doing.”

The problem is the Fed. The Fed is a criminal organization. The Fed destroyed the economy, made the poor and middle class poorer, and bailed out their rich banker friends. Wake up. Pay less attention to what the Fed says and does. Let me say it again: The Fed is a criminal organization.

Instead of trusting the Fed, I prefer to trust gold, silver and bitcoin

– he wrote.

Last month, Kiyosaki also warned investors about the growing US government debt, urging them to buy BTC. He recently explained why he buys bitcoins himself, emphasizing that the cryptocurrency protects him “from having his assets stolen through money.” He referred to inflation in a rather complicated way.

Don't fight the Fed? I say screw the Fed. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin

– he wrote in yesterday's post.