RoboHero ambassador program – registration has started!

Ambassador program RoboHero took off. The game's creators are looking for people who will help promote the Web3 game RoboHero, whose premiere is fast approaching (robotic). This is a good opportunity to get to know the game and at the same time receive a lot of benefits.

Ambassador program RoboHero – why is it worth signing up?

It's safe to say that Web3 gaming is currently booming. Further games based on Web3 ecosystems arouse the interest of players, and not only those who are already involved in cryptocurrencies. More traditional players are also showing interest in Web3 gaming, as exemplified by recent productions. This is one of them RoboHeroa classic tactical game based on the Web3 ecosystem.

The game is currently in the closed testing stage, but it is already very popular among players. The interest was a perfect proof of this RoboHero at last year's PGA 2023. The team behind the game recently announced that a special ambassador program is starting RoboHero. Becoming an ambassador allows for a number of benefits, such as:

  • Exclusive access to the game (closed beta).
  • Insider information from a special, closed group on Discord.
  • Allocations up to $2,000.
  • RoboHero merch for the ambassador and his community.
  • Dedicated leaderboards with prizes in the form of codes on Google Play or App Store.
  • Presence on whitelists for upcoming NFT collections (including the Survivors PFP collection).
  • Obtaining a unique ambassador badge.

The ambassador program is therefore a great opportunity for everyone who wants to check out the game and at the same time reap a lot of benefits. Participating in the program is also profitable for users who look at RoboHero in terms of passive profit on the Web3 ecosystem. The upcoming premiere of the game is a good time to enter the ambassador program, get to know the Polish Web3 production and gain a number of additional benefits.

Who is the ambassador program intended for? RoboHero?

Ambassador program RoboHero is addressed to people who will actively support the promotion of the game. The creators decided to launch such a program for two reasons. First of all, it's a great way to get a wider community interested in the game. Secondly, they noticed that a large part of it naturally participates in the promotion of the upcoming Web3 production.

The program is aimed at people who will create good quality content and share it on their social media, such as X, Facebook or Discord. Ambassadors RoboHero can become content creators on social media, leaders of Discord communities and holders of extensive accounts on X. Interestingly, the creators announce that the top 100 ambassadors will gain stablecoins and exclusive content from around the world RoboHero.

To sign up for the ambassador program RoboHero just fill out the form. Then all that's left is to promote the game and receive regular prizes!

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