Nayib Bukele cheated the system: he was re-elected president of El Salvador

It worked! Nayib Bukele won the power struggle again and will become president of El Salvador for another term. He bypassed the law in the process.

Nayib Bukele will rule El Salvador again

According to the constitution, the president of El Salvador can only serve one term. However, Nayib Bukele just shrugged, ran in the elections and won them.

But how is this possible? This was made possible by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, whose members were appointed by Congress without certain procedures. A “flexible interpretation of the El Salvador constitution” helped to achieve this.

On the one hand, Bukele can be condemned for the above, but on the other, as he boasted, “all the polls gave him victory, which means that the citizens of the country want to have him as president.” This was confirmed by the results of Sunday's vote.

According to the voting results we have, I won the presidential election with 85 percent of the votes and introducing at least 58 out of 60 deputies to parliament.

– Bukele announced on Sunday before the official announcement of the results. However, with such Exit Polls results, it is doubtful that anyone will overtake the 42-year-old in this race.

Manuel Flores from the left-wing National Liberation Front also fought for the presidency. Farabundo Marti and Joel Sanchez of the Nationalist Republican Alliance. These are the parties that ruled El Salvador before the emergence of New Ideas, i.e. Bukele's group. This last, new formation literally wiped out other political forces.

Where does the phenomenon of New Ideas and Bukele come from?

At, we often write about what the Bukele government is doing in terms of pro-Bitcoin policy. And in fact, in 2021 it recognized BTC as a means of payment. Then he went ahead and started building Bitcoin City. A public bitcoin ATM network and a state-owned bitcoin wallet were also created.

However, the above are Bukele's achievements that may fascinate cryptocurrency investors. The president charmed ordinary citizens of El Salvador with something else. This former businessman, who entered politics from outside the system, declared war on the gangs that had been shaking the country for years. During his first term, 76,000 people accused of belonging to criminal organizations were sentenced. In El Salvador, you can be put behind bars even for having a tattoo with a gang symbol. And this is what made the country's inhabitants love their president so much.

Recently, Bukele's colleague said that the next term of New Ideas will be marked by a continuation of the path already chosen, also in terms of pro-Bitcoin policy.