TOP G token? Andrew Tate announces the creation of his own cryptocurrency

“The most famous man in the world,” as Andrew Tate calls himself, announced the creation of his own cryptocurrency. This announcement appeared on the influencer’s account on the X website. Tate promised to create his own cryptocurrency, which would be based on his USD 100 million fortune. The project was to be launched if the post reached 50,000 retweets. The post is currently deleted – does this mean that TOP G token will actually appear on the cryptocurrency market?

Andrew Tate is creating his own cryptocurrency – at least that’s what he announces on the X website

There is no denying that Andrew Tate arouses a lot of emotions, because his character is perceived in two ways. Fans love him, the rest of the world condemns him. Tate decided to take advantage of the recent media hype and announced his entry into the world of cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, this is completely contrary to the influencer’s previous position. In May 2023, Tate emphasized that he would never have anything to do with any cryptocurrency. At that time, he was particularly reluctant to talk about shitcoins, which are supported by influencers.

As you can see, only the cow does not change its mind, because the tweet announcing the creation of Tate’s own cryptocurrency spread like wildfire on social media. Interestingly, the entry has already been deleted from the profile, which can mean two things: either Andrew Tate reached the assumed threshold of 50,000 retweets, or it was all just one big prank.

TOP G cryptocurrency that will help everyone make money? Sounds like a scam

In the since-deleted post, Tate claimed that as the most famous man in the world, he would promote cryptocurrency everywhere and allow investors to make money. The announced Token is to be secured by USD 100 million from the influencer’s personal wealth. It is worth adding that although Tate condemned all kinds of shitcoins in 2023, his fortune is largely related to bitcoin. Andrew Tate has been investing in bitcoin for years, which was especially visible when his assets were confiscated by the Romanian services.

In 2023, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were charged with human trafficking and rape – that’s when Romanian officials confiscated millions of dollars in mansions, luxury cars, watches and 21 BTC. It’s hard to say whether Tate actually intends to create his own token or whether it’s all just an attempt to attract attention.