Michael van de Poppe claims that the price of bitcoin could reach up to USD 600,000

Michael van de Poppe, an analyst whom bitcoin fans may know, among others: from Cointelegraph, claims that bitcoin can cost up to USD 600,000. He gave a reason for his bullish forecast.

Michael van de Poppe reports BTC's future ATH

There is a bull market in the cryptocurrency market. Currently, although the leading digital assets have not yet exceeded their ATH from the previous cycle, everything indicates that this is only a matter of time. This is why the bulls are waking up from their winter sleep and are starting to wonder to what levels the BTC price will rise during this bull market.

Michael van de Poppe is a well-known analyst whom you may know from, among others, Cointelegraph website. Currently, he is closely watching what is happening on the cryptocurrency market. In his opinion, large investors will make bitcoin increase in price to over half a million USD.

The institutional cycle will lead to mass adoption of Bitcoin and a likely price of $300,000-600,000 per Bitcoin. Therefore, it is extremely important to accumulate as much (BTC) as possible. How? During corrections 20-40%

wrote on X.

Van de Poppe did not provide a time frame in his post. It can be assumed that he is talking about the current cycle, which will be driven not only by street capital and halving, but also by ETF money (or, more precisely, by the clients of ETF issuers).

PlanB thinks similarly

PlanB, the creator of the stock-to-flow bitcoin pricing model, is of a similar opinion. In his post on X, he showed what growth potential BTC has today. If we trust his forecast, we can pay over USD 400,000 for 1 BTC at the end of this bull market.

Currently, one bitcoin costs approximately USD 51,700, which translates into a 1% increase per day. 7 days ago we paid almost the same for cryptocurrency as today.

In turn, ether broke the USD 3,000 barrier again. During the week it increased by as much as 8%. Since yesterday we have registered an increase of 2.7%.