Donald Trump accepts donations in bitcoin. Will cryptocurrencies help him win the elections?

Donald Trump fulfilled his promise. He accepts bitcoins that can be used to support his election campaign. But it's not just about this fact. Republicans are fighting for the electorate of cryptocurrency fans.

Donald Trump is pro-cryptocurrency

Donald Trump is running for the US presidency for the third time. In 2016, he succeeded – he defeated Hillary Clinton and lived in the White House for four years. In 2020, Americans thanked him for his cooperation and gave the seat of head of state to Joe Biden.

Trump, however, is not a man who gives up quickly. He is fighting for the White House once again. He easily defeated his rivals in the primaries. And now he is Biden's main competitor. A second time. But now a Democrat's chances of success are much smaller than four years ago.

The Republican Party has recently become pro-cryptocurrency (in contrast to the Democratic Party). This was clearly visible in the primaries. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, announced that he will take care of bitcoin. In addition, there are congressional battles between a group of congressmen.

Trump has been considered an opponent of BTC for years. He recently changed his mind when… he issued his own NFT collection and earned a lot of Ether. In addition, he recently said that he accepts that cryptocurrencies exist and he will not destroy this market. He even promised his voters that they would be able to deposit money into his BTC campaign account. And… he kept his word.

Donate Bitcoin to Trump

On the Trump candidate's website there is an option to fund his account using bitcoins, ethers, XRP, dogecoins, salt and a few other cryptocurrencies.

Should we be happy about this? Yes. But let's be under no illusions: this is the result of calculation and cynicism. Republicans saw a significant constituency in the blockchain community that could help them win the election. The only consolation is that Trump – as evidenced by, among others, memories of John Bolton, his former colleague – he tries to fulfill his election promises and cares about his voters. This may mean that if he wins the fight for power, he will take care of the cryptocurrency market. This is especially important in the context of the activities of regulatory authorities, which are heavily attacking the industry during the Biden administration.