Hacker from Gala Games returned USD 22 million! The team would effectively freeze most of the GALA tokens

An unusual twist in the case of a hacker who minted 5 billion GALA tokens worth USD 200 million. The hacker from Gala Games sent back USD 22 million in the form of 5,913.2 ETH. According to the team, it is not the cybercriminal's conscience that has been touched at all, but the effective operation of the new “GalaChain blacklist protocol” feature.

Two days of searching for the hacker and the return of USD 22 million. GalaChain's blacklist protocol has worked!

The generation of 5 billion GALA tokens, i.e. the Web3 Gala Games gaming platform, shook the price of the native token. Within two days, the token completely recovered, and its daily increase was 8.2%. The green color on the chart is, to some extent, a response to the very effective operation of the Gala Games team. The new “GalaChain blacklist protocol” function was used to quickly freeze 4.4 billion GALA of the 5 billion generated tokens.

The funds were reportedly frozen in just 45 minutes. The co-founder and current CEO of Gala Games, Eric Schiermeyer, reported on the progress of the investigation on his x profile. The hacker from Gala Games was identified so precisely that the team learned his home address. Federal services were also involved in the search for the cybercriminal.

Cybercriminals in increasing trouble? The Gala Games hacker is no exception

The Gala Games team has not publicly confirmed the identity of the cybercriminal or the attack method, although there are some suspicions in the project's Discord community. It is worth noting that on the same Discord, Schreimeyer wrote that the team will probably buy back and burn the appropriate amount of GALA tokens returned in ETH. An entry appeared on the Gala Games blog suggesting that a vote will be held within the governance system to decide the fate of the 4.4 billion frozen GALA tokens.

The hacker from Gala Games is just one of the latest examples of hacker attacks that did not entirely go the cybercriminals' way. What does it mean? Well, not only hackers are developing, but also cybersecurity methods. In the case of Gala Games, the mysterious “GalaChain blacklist protocol” and the immediate reaction of the platform team themselves worked.