Michael Saylor intends to buy bitcoin forever!

Michael Saylor is known as one of the greatest popularizers of investing in BTC. In one of his recent interviews, he admitted that he intends to buy bitcoin forever. He justifies his belief by saying that bitcoin has become the dominant asset. It is worth adding that MicroStrategy has already collected 190,000 BTC!

MicroStrategy wants to continue buying bitcoin

MicroStrategy, a software company founded by Michael Saylor, has accumulated record capital held in BTC. Currently, MicroStrategy holds as many as 190,000 coins and continues to buy bitcoin. Although technically speaking, the company started buying bitcoin quite late (starting in 2020), it managed to accumulate almost 200,000 BTC in 4 years.

The father of this success is Michael Saylor, who in an interview with Bloomberg on February 20 stated that he intends to buy bitcoin forever. Saylor says bitcoin is the dominant asset, outperforming not only gold, but also the S&P 500 and even real estate. According to the founder of MicroStrategy:

Bitcoin is technically a dominant asset. And that's the point. There is simply no reason to sell the winner and buy the loser.

Saylor adds that the current situation in the cryptocurrency market is a huge rising tide that lifts all boats.

Market in bullish mood – when will there be a correction?

Bitcoin's surge in recent days clearly shows that the market is in a bullish mood. The main driving force is, of course, the craze for BTC ETFs, which are raising investor awareness. However, the cryptocurrency community expects a correction before the halving, which will take place in April.

The cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency market shows that each previous halving was followed by a bull market. Therefore, the correction would have to come within the next few weeks, although time is running out and the price and sentiment on Wall Street do not seem bearish. Green on Bitcoin is also green on the entire digital asset market, which has clearly felt the cryptocurrency spring. ETH broke the USD 3,000 barrier for the first time since 2021. In light of these cryptocurrency rates, it is not surprising that Michael Saylor intends to buy bitcoin forever.