MicroStrategy has done it again! The company adds 3,000 BTC to its treasury

Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy continues its bitcoin investing strategy. She recently acquired as much as 3,000 BTC.

MicroStrategy buys 3,000 BTC

It looks like Michael Saylor was serious when he recently said he plans to continue buying bitcoin and not selling it. MicroStrategy, the company he founded, has just announced that it has purchased another 3,000 BTC, at a price of $51,813. This represents an investment of approximately USD 155 million.

What is the current cryptocurrency balance of the company's account? Thanks to the new purchase, MicroStrategy now owns as much as 193,000 BTC. It paid $6.09 billion for all coins, which gives an average purchase price of $31,544 per bitcoin.

Today, 1 BTC costs approximately USD 56,200 on exchanges. Since MicroStrategy bought one coin for an average of $31,544, it is in the black by $24,656 on one “coin”.

With your investment successes on X he boasted Michael Saylor himself.

Over the last week, bitcoin has increased by 8%. Only since yesterday the price has increased by 9.5%.

Saylor's problems

The company's latest announcement may also have a purpose other than informational. It takes place shortly after it turned out that someone had hacked into and temporarily took over the official MicroStrategy account on X. The hacker (hackers?) posted a link to a fake airdrop of the MSTR token in his post. Unfortunately, naive X users clicked on the link. They came across the website with the mentioned airdrop. All you had to do was “connect” your cryptocurrency wallet to the platform and get tokens.

Of course, everything turned out to be a lie and an attempt to extort funds. As a result, over USD 440,000 in cryptocurrencies was stolen from MicroStrategy's followers on X. Only one victim had funds totaling USD 424,786 stolen. One transfer went to the address of the MicroStrategy attacker, and two were redirected to a second wallet associated with the notorious PinkDrainer hacking group.