Donald Trump made a promise about cryptocurrencies!

Donald Trump claims to have made “NFTs popular again.” He also commented on market regulation.

Donald Trump talks about NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Former and possibly future President of the United States Donald Trump spoke about cryptocurrencies during a meeting with his fans and NFT owners of his collection at his home in Florida on Wednesday.
He said that thanks to his collection, “NFTs have become popular again.” He also criticized memecoin inspired by his political rival, Joe Biden. And I think he unintentionally provoked an increase in its price.

He also talked about cryptocurrencies. On recording, which “leaked” to social media, it can be heard that Trump again promised to provide a better regulatory environment for companies and entrepreneurs dealing with cryptocurrencies. This will happen after removing the “hostility” towards cryptocurrencies that the Joe Biden administration currently stands for.

(Gary) Gensler (head of the SEC) is strongly against it. Democrats are very against it, (but) it doesn't bother me (i.e. cryptocurrencies)

– he said and declared help in developing the blockchain industry in the USA.

An empty political declaration?

But should his words be taken seriously? Let us remember that the US election campaign is underway and politicians are promising a lot. Anything to win the fight for power. Additionally, in the memoirs of John Bolton, a former associate of Trump during his presidency, we can read that the current NFT fan wanted something “to be done with bitcoin.” Bolton himself claimed that Trump wanted to ban cryptocurrencies. In one of his later posts on Twitter (currently X), he wrote that he sees digital assets as a threat to the dollar, of which he is a fan.

At the same time, however, in the same memoirs we read that Trump attached great importance to what he promised his voters and wanted to stick to his electoral program.

Let us remember that, in general, the Republican Party is perceived as the more pro-cryptocurrency party. Trump may still personally dislike bitcoin, but out of political pragmatism, he will officially support blockchain adoption.