Listing Legends of Elysium today!

Gaming will probably be one of the main driving forces behind the upcoming bull market in the cryptocurrency market. The past months have been a time of hard work for numerous projects. How many will achieve their goals and how many of them will be successful? In many cases, we will find out the answer to this question in the coming months. One of the projects that have prepared an interesting product is a card game Legends Of Elysium. Will the “play and earn” model prove interesting in this case (of the game and the $LOE token)?

Legends of Elysium: long-term tests and new possibilities

The stage of construction and development of the game took place mainly during the bear market on the cryptocurrency market. However, this did not stop the team Legends of Elysium deliver a finished product to the market. Thanks to the testers, the whole thing has gained improvements and an engaged community (which now significantly extends beyond the borders of our country), becoming a Polish export product. Local business support allowed us to additionally use solutions previously prepared by Ari10 in the new LOE panel token. This is one of the elements of technological exchange between Polish projects.

The game will be available to players in the desktop version, but the creators plan its further development also based on mobile devices. This will be another key step in its development and will translate into an enlarged community.

Payment gateway from Ari10 to purchase in-game items

Ari10 in cooperation with the creators Legends of Elysium has prepared a new functionality for its Gateway payment gateway. Thanks to the development of the latter, players will be able to buy not only the token itself, but also items in the game! Thanks to this solution, a single player will be able to easily purchase additional items or playing cards. Thus, a game actually set in Web3 will be able to easily introduce people from the traditional gaming world.

The above step is important because many blockchain-based games are still closed to the influx of people from the Web2 world, primarily due to technological limitations that Legends of Elysium tries to cope.

$LOE and airdrop listing

Many people are already waiting for the listing of the $LOE token, which will take place on Friday, March 29, 2024, on several centralized exchanges: Bitget, and MEXC. Some people are also looking forward to the results of the $LOE token airdrop campaigns.

Free tokens could be obtained for completing the Play & Learn campaign, which allowed us to learn more about the phygical trend and thus be closer to the project's activities. It is standard for game developers to reward testers who are an integral part of the product's development and its final appearance. The last group that will also receive a $LOE airdrop on the day of the listing will be the community of people staking the $ARI10 token. People staking $ARI10 tokens in the Genesis and Diamond tiers of a certain amount will receive tokens in their wallets.

You can learn more about the Legends of Elysium game and the token on the website. We also invite you to follow the current development of the project on its profile on X.