Bitcoin is a hard currency, politicians corrupted by banks want to ban it

The US presidential campaign is in full swing. Donald Trump seems to be the favorite today. However, an independent candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., also often appears in the media. During a recent interview with CNBC, he commented on bitcoin. In his opinion, cryptocurrency is real, healthy money.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about BTC

Kennedy long ago became known to voters as a Bitcoin fan. He himself has some BTC and also bought coins for his children.

Yes, I still hodl them. My children are very, very happy about this

– he told CNBC when asked if he still owned BTC.

Last October, he announced that if elected president of the United States, he would take action to protect bitcoin:

I intend to make sure that bitcoin is protected, that people can keep their own wallets, that the current White House war on bitcoin comes to an end, and that transactions are protected and supported.

Now, in a conversation with the media, he confirmed that he believes that every US citizen should have free access to bitcoin, which is a “hard currency”.

It's about freedom of speech!

Kennedy puts all this into a broader context. It's about freedom. He recalled the Freedom Convoy in Canada in 2022.

You know, when truckers were disobedient, when truckers were peacefully protesting, their bank accounts were closed and they couldn't pay their mortgages, they couldn't pay for their children's education.

– he pointed out.

Earlier this year, the Federal Court in Canada found that all the authorities' actions at that time – freezing the funds and cryptocurrencies of protest participants – were unconstitutional.

Kennedy also explained that politicians who dream of banning BTC are not doing it for ideological reasons.

They want to ban (Bitcoin) because they are paid by Blackrock and JP Morgan and all the big banks, globalist banking monopolies that make money from inflation and make money from the Fed printing money

– he said.