Artificial intelligence went to war. The Terminator is lurking around the corner

Artificial intelligence is used by the Ukrainian military. He “sits” at the controls of drones that are sent to attack Russia. So are we entering an era of new generation warfare?

Artificial intelligence and Ukraine: AI is involved in the war

As CNN reported, Ukraine has gone a step further in the war and is attacking targets on Russian territory. It performs very precise attacks, which are enabled by AI-fed drones.

The precision of attacks is possible by equipping drones with artificial intelligence. Each ship has a computer that contains satellite and field data. Flights are arranged in advance with our allies, which allows us to strike with great precision

– a source told CNN.

So are we on the threshold of an era of robot wars? The dreams of science-fiction fans are being cooled in the media by Chris Lincoln-Jones, a former British military officer and expert in the field of drone warfare and artificial intelligence. In his opinion, the level of weapons based on artificial intelligence is still low.

This level of autonomy has never been seen in drones before, but we're still in the early stages of this technology's potential

– he told CNN.

Let us also explain what Kyiv's goals are. These are oil refineries and other such industrial facilities. So the goal is obvious. The idea is to deplete the enemy's raw material resources. This strategy is already bearing fruit, because, as reported by Reuters, in March, Russia's oil processing capacity decreased by 14%.

Criticism of the USA

However, it turns out that Ukraine's attacks not only annoy Russia, but also irritate… Americans. To someone who has no interest in international politics, this may be shocking, but it is what it is. The US representative to NATO, Julianne Smith, said publicly that Washington does not support what Kiev is doing.

We believe that Ukraine has every right to defend its territory against this unprovoked aggression. As for attacking targets in Russia, this is something the US does not support. We focus on the right of Ukrainians to defend their territory and push the Russians out of it. Ukraine has achieved major successes in this field. Our goal is to help you continue these victories

– she explained.

In fact, her words fit into US policy. Washington does not want the complete collapse of Russia. It is in his interest to weaken Moscow, but not to completely eliminate it from the game. This can be deduced, among others: from the fact that the last major counteroffensive in Ukraine ended in failure. Reason? No deliveries from the Americans. In other words, Joe Biden and his colleagues could help our eastern neighbors enough to end the war by pushing back Russia so far that Kremlin elites would have to sit down to negotiate. This did not happen because the Russians are supposed to bleed to death in the current war so that they will not be able to side with China in the final confrontation between the superpowers.