Worldcoin ban in Spain! Dark clouds over Altman's project?

Sam Altman's project has reached 1 million active users, but the first major obstacles are emerging. Worldcoin in Spain has just been banned. Moreover, Hong Kong is also starting an investigation into the collection of biometric data. Will retinal scanning, which is actually the foundation of the project, turn out to be the nail in the coffin?

Worldcoin ban in Spain. Authorities in many countries are taking a closer look at the orbs

The Spanish Data Security Agency (AEPD) has banned the Worldcoin project from collecting and processing data in the country. The ban on Worldcoin in Spain appeared on March 6 and is expected to last for 3 months. During this time, the commission is to investigate the collection of biometric data of Spanish citizens.

The case is dynamic because, according to AEPD, complaints about the Worldcoin project were reported by Spanish users. They claim that they cannot withdraw consent to the processing of biometric data, and Wordcloin in Spain also allegedly collected data from minors.

Interestingly, the Worldcoin project itself responded to the allegations of the Spanish Personal Data Security Agency. In their statement, project representatives claim that they have been trying to contact AEPD for several months to provide them with an accurate picture of the Worldcoin project and World ID, but contact attempts remain unanswered. Worldcoin also believes that AEPD is spreading inaccurate and misleading information about their technology around the world.

Is the ban on Worldcoin in Spain just the tip of the project's problems in other countries of the world?

Spain is not the only country that sees a significant threat in the Worldcoin project. Kenya has completely outlawed the company's operations in their country, prohibiting the collection of biometric data from Kenyan citizens. Countries such as France, Germany and Great Britain are also closely watching the project. Orbs are causing huge controversy because they allow the collection of retinal biometric data from millions of people around the world.

It is worth adding that the project was also taken under the microscope by Hong Kong last month. The commission is to demonstrate whether the Worldcoin project operated in accordance with local law, because, as is known, Hong Kong is an autonomous administrative region that belongs to China.