Binance and CRYPTO perfume as a symbol of change

CRYPTO perfume from Binanace – an unusual way to increase inclusivity in the world of cryptocurrencies

Binance, the leading blockchain ecosystem behind the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by transaction volume, has unveiled its luxury perfume called CRYPTO. They were created as part of an advertising campaign initiated by female marketing leaders at Binance. The aim of the campaign, launched on the eve of International Women's Day, is to attract more women to the cryptocurrency world and promote greater inclusivity in this space.

Cryptocurrencies for everyone – Binance breaks barriers

CRYPTO perfume was first presented in a series of luxury advertisements designed to generate public interest and preview the campaign. This strategy draws inspiration from the conventions of beauty advertising, while also aiming to question traditional forms of promoting cryptocurrencies and challenge existing views about them.

In the next stage of the campaign, a video was presented showing the setup of a pop-up stand promoting new perfumes in a shopping center. As explained in the video, this seemingly trivial move has a deeper motive: directly engaging audiences with the world of cryptocurrency, using an unconventional tool to attract more women to the industry.

Bold, clear and deliberately radical, CRYPTO is not just a fragrance we promote. This is a message to women that they have an important role to play in the cryptocurrency revolution. Based on my own experience working in the crypto industry, I can say that I have seen with my own eyes the invaluable contribution of women who have dared to enter this space. We want to tell women: don't be indifferent! Break those glass ceilings, challenge existing narratives and be part of this digital transformation that will transform global finance

– says Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance.

The main element of the campaign is to encourage more women to learn and discover the world of cryptocurrencies. As part of these activities, Binance will reward the first 5,000. women who successfully complete the Binance Academy beginner course will receive $25 worth of USDT tokens.

More women in the cryptocurrency world

In celebration of International Women's Day, Binance is also organizing a series of local meetups, as well as a number of social media initiatives. Together, these activities aim to support substantive discussions about the increasingly important role of women in the cryptocurrency space. They also aim to raise awareness of how cryptocurrencies can impact various aspects of women's lives, from financial empowerment to career advancement.

The campaign demonstrates Binance's commitment to diversifying and democratizing the cryptocurrency landscape and aligns with the organization's other ongoing efforts to support women around the world.

According to the “Digital 2024 Global Overview Report” conducted by the research company GWI, the participation of women in investing in cryptocurrencies is still lower than that of men in all age groups. This disparity is likely due to the persistent gender imbalance in the financial sector, social conditions, individual risk assessment, and the overall perception of the cryptocurrency space as predominantly male-oriented.

Cryptocurrencies are universal – it is about empowering all individuals. It's time to ensure that no woman is left behind in this ongoing financial revolution. This is what we are committed to at Binance. Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond mere rhetoric. We don't just say it, we back it up with action, providing women with the educational resources they need to shape their financial future and become active participants in this digital economy.

– comments Rachel Conlan.

More information about the “Crypto is Yours” campaign and how to start your adventure with cryptocurrencies can be found here.

Additional information about Binance

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