zondacrypto at the 16th edition of the European Economic Congress

The zondacrypto stock exchange appeared at the 16th edition of the European Economic Congress.

zondacrypto at one of the most important economic events

The 16th edition of the European Economic Congress was held from May 7 to 9, 2024. This is a prestigious annual event that is a traditional space for heated and substantive debates on the Polish economy and finances. During this year's edition, as many as 180 thematic sessions were held, attended by as many as 1,200 speakers.

One of the speakers was Karolina Gwóźdź, Chief Legal Officer of zondacrypto, who took part in a panel on the future of finance. She focused on the situation of cryptocurrencies on the Polish market. As she pointed out, cryptocurrencies are no longer just the future, but are an important element of the current financial ecosystem.

zondacrypto has over a million Polish customers. We are a fully licensed exchange. We have a restrictive Estonian license, but we are also licensed in Italy, Slovakia, Canada and are currently applying to operate in the UK. We are present not only on the domestic market, but also expand our operations to other markets, where we are very positively received. We focus on simplicity from the user's point of view, which is crucial in the context of the fact that the world of cryptocurrencies is perceived as complicated. Soon, all customer onboarding will be possible using only a mobile phone

– she said during the panel.

A problem that still exists

Karolina Gwóźdź, however, pointed to a problem that has not disappeared for years. Namely, it is about the difficult dialogue with Polish legislators. And in fact, to start talking about cryptocurrencies and wise regulation of this industry, we need to talk about them in the context of what they are used for – payments and the development of innovations – and not constantly emphasize that they may turn out to be tools of criminals. MiCA is a first step towards such a dialogue.

Let us add that zondacrypto (still known as BitBay) tried to self-regulate the cryptocurrency market in Poland. A few years ago, its representatives took part in talks with the Ministry of Digitization and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which were to lead to the creation of appropriate regulations regulating the market. Unfortunately, some resistance from Polish officials meant that only MiCA could be the salvation for the Polish industry. Although a lot also depends on the implementation of this package in Polish law.