The Bitcoin network has exceeded 1 billion processed transactions! Exactly 800 weeks and one day since launch

Another milestone achieved. The Bitcoin network has exceeded 1 billion processed transactions. The world's most expensive cryptocurrency climbed to another peak during the unique period of the post-halving pursuit of breaking the ATH and the emergence of such innovative elements of the Bitcoin ecosystem as the Ordinals and Runes protocols.

The Bitcoin network has exceeded 1 billion transactions – the average speed is 6 transactions per second over the last 30 days

The Bitcoin ecosystem is currently in a very interesting place, as evidenced by subsequent innovative ideas from the cryptocurrency and blockchain community of Satoshi Nakamoto. The approval of BTC ETFs in January this year caused a bull market even before the halving. Due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, projects such as the Runes protocol allowing the creation of not only NFTs but also memecoins on the Bitcoin network quickly grew.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin network has exceeded 1 billion transactions processed. This milestone was reached eight hundred weeks and one day after the launch of the Bitcoin network. Yes, Satoshi would be (or is) proud. However, the Bitcoin network is not the first blockchain to reach billions of transaction attempts. BTC's biggest rival, Ethereum, has already processed almost 2.4 billion transactions. As Clarck Moodey, an analyst well-known to the cryptocurrency community on the X website, aptly notes, the Bitcoin network has exceeded 1 billion transactions with an average speed of 6 transactions per second (last 30 days).

When will the BTC network exceed 2 billion transactions?

Bitcoin's path to 1 billion transactions took over 800 weeks, so we can't expect to hit another milestone anytime soon. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Bitcoin ecosystem is constantly developing, as evidenced by subsequent projects revolving around the blockchain created over 15 years ago.

The number of transactions processed on the BTC blockchain will continue to increase, given the solutions to the scalability problem of networks such as the Lighting Network. Great interest in BTC blockchain was aroused by both the expectation of post-halving increases and the Runes protocol introduced on Hanning Day. One thing is certain – the next months in the bitcoin network will be extremely exciting.