UFC Star 'Money' Moican Encourages Fans to Bitcoin and Mises's Books!

Bitcoin and the world of MMA? It turns out that such an unexpected misalliance is taking place. UFC star Renato “Money” Moicano used his post-fight speech at UFC 300 to draw attention to BTC and Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. The fan's appeal received an extremely positive response from his fans.

UFC star encourages Mises's books and bitcoin!

Renato “Money” Moicano is a Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter who currently fights in the Ultimate Figthing Champioship (UFC). On Sunday, April 14, the UFC star won another fight. In his very emotional speech after the victory, “Money” Moicano, instead of calling out his next opponent, focused on appeals to fans and the audience. The Brazilian player encouraged the crowd to study Ludwig von Mies' books and become interested in bitcoin.

If you care about your country, read Ludwig von Mises and six lessons of the Austrian economic school.

Ludwig von Mises is a representative of the Austrian school of economics, who is very often quoted by the cryptocurrency community. The Austrian School of Economics advocates a liberal approach to the economy, a free market, individualism and a constant money supply. In his views, Ludwig von Mises also very often criticized socialism and excessive issuance of money.

Own podcast with Joe Rogan as a guest

The Brazilian fighter's appeal turned out to be very successful, as at least 26,000 free PDFs from Amazon have been downloaded since Sunday's fight. Some fans also write on the X website that all of Mises's books have been sold out in their local bookstores. During his “Money” appearance on Sunday, Moicano announced that he would be recording his own podcast, to which he had already invited Joe Rogan. The fighter received a bonus for ending the fight in the amount of USD 300,000 in BTC.

In an interview on Monday's “The MMA Hour” by Ariel Helwani, the UFC fighter said “I love Bitcoin, I love decentralization.” Moreover, since he has been interested in Bitcoin and economics, he has stopped keeping his savings in fiat currency for fear of inflation.