A new collection of Donald Trum's NFT cards with an unusual addition!

Donald Trump announced the release of a new (third) collection of NFT cards. This collection, however, will be significantly different from the others, as it will be enriched with the so-called phygitales. Interestingly, Donald Trump's collection of NFT cards is very popular, and enriching it with physical items makes Trump follow the Web3 trend promoted by brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci.

Donald Trump's NFT card collection enriched with a phygital addition

The former president of the United States running for re-election is a very complex figure. Some love him, others hate him. However, it cannot be denied that Trump is, above all, a businessman who knows how to effectively sell his image. Donald Trump's next collection of NFT cards is a perfect example of this. It is worth adding that the “Mugshot edition” collection, referring to the famous prison photo of Trump, introduces the Web3 trend used by exclusive brands (Gucci, Louis Vuitton) issuing their NFTs.

Unlike the previous two NFT collections, which were digital-only, the third edition of Donald Trump NFT cards will have a physical addition. Collectors who purchase at least 47 of the newest trading cards (priced at $99 each) will receive a tightly sealed piece of the suit. This is the suit Trump was wearing during the famous mugshot from a prison in Georgia.

Trump's NFT collection may increase in value due to the green wave of the NFT market

Collectors have 2,024 suit pieces up for grabs, including 225 “jacket and tie” pieces. It's worth adding that collecting Trump's entire Mugshot-day suit would require purchasing 100,000 cards worth over $10 million. While Trump's move seems innovative and inventive, phygital additions to NFT collections are nothing new. Over the last year, many fashion brands have decided to launch such a promotion, adding real items to the purchased NFT collection, such as shoes or exclusive suitcases from Luis Vuitton.

Donald Trump's NFT card collection is very popular, and the increase in the value of NFT tokens can only increase its popularity. It is worth adding that immediately after the announcement of the collection containing phygital additions, the value of the first two collections increased by 30% and 41% according to data from NFT Price Floor.

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