Web3 gaming is the future. The game from Find Satoshi Lab generated USD 90 million in a month!

The popularity of games based on blockchain technology is constantly growing. A perfect example of this is the recent success of the game from Find Satoshi Lab. Title called Gas Hero generated as much as USD 90 million within a month just from trading NFT tokens implemented in the game. Although it is an extremely simple game, somewhat reminiscent of mobile titles, it clearly demonstrates the potential of the entire Web3 gaming sector.

Stuido Find Satoshi Lab is not slowing down. Gas Hero attracts thousands of players from all over the world

Find Satoshi Lab is a small studio responsible for Web3 applications and games. They created the Stepn application, something like Pokemon Go for the Web3 community. The studio also released a game Gas Hero, which is currently breaking popularity records. It is a strategic game with social elements and an NFT token ecosystem. In just one month, it generated as much as USD 90 million from NFT token trading alone.

Currently in Gas Hero over 10,000 players play, and the production is most popular in America and Asia. It is worth noting that the production of the Find Satoshi Lab studio is extremely simple and resembles mobile games rather than a full-fledged PC title. Nevertheless, it attracts and enchants with its mechanics, which is clearly visible in the increasingly higher prices of NFT tokens Gas Hero.

Does Web3 gaming have a chance to ride the wave of the upcoming boom?

Blockchain and NFT tokens are no longer associated with scams by players. This is not a bold dream, but a reality supported by facts. Giants like Ubisoft are starting to enter Web3 gaming because they see great potential in decentralized gaming.

The best example of this is the undoubted success of Ubisoft's upcoming production, the game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Although the game is still in the production phase, it was possible to mine free NFTs at the end of December. The interest was so great that the servers stopped working for over 30 minutes.

Rumors about the possible introduction of a Web3-based ecosystem in the upcoming sixth part of the cult series are also becoming louder. Grand Theft Auto. Apart from this fact, the upcoming boom can only give wings to Web3 gaming, which is why the coming quarters promise to be really interesting.

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