GamerHash AI – earn money with your PC, artificial intelligence and DePIN

The development of artificial intelligence in 2023 has shown that this is an industry worth investing in. GamerHash AI is an application thanks to which every player can benefit from the increasing popularity of generative artificial intelligence. All thanks to an innovative solution, known from the cryptocurrency version of GamerHash, but this time focused on making computer power available to AI.

GamerHash AI, i.e. earning money thanks to artificial intelligence

Generative AI reigns supreme today both in social media and traditional marketing. Every minute, tens of thousands of AI graphics are generated, and their accuracy is no different from real photographs. The same applies to content created using LLMs, i.e. Large Language Models.

However, huge interest also means huge demand for computing power. Hence the intensified search for entities that can offer such power. The creators of GamerHash had their finger on the pulse and decided to create a platform thanks to which players would be able to share the power of their PC with the AI ​​network. Considering that the “traditional” GamerHash platform has over 760,000 users, the potential of GamerHash AI is enormous – both for users and for the AI ​​industry. All this in the form of a simple platform that works when the user allows it.

Share the power of your PC with AI and earn GHXP

The concept of GamerHash AI is very simple and this is a huge advantage of this platform. Well, GamerHash AI can be used by any player who has a gaming PC with an Nvidia RTX graphics card. Why is the graphics card crucial? Because it is responsible (as in the case of cryptocurrencies) for the computing power so desired on the market today.

Installing the application is child's play and from then on the player can earn passively thanks to his gaming computer. According to preliminary estimates, the best computers will be able to generate up to USD 250 per month for their owners!

At the same time, it is worth clearly emphasizing that GamerHash AI is intended only for tasks related to artificial intelligence. For this reason, even if you have the GamerHash Miner application installed, you must install GamerHash AI.

What is DePIN and why is it the trend of 2024?

The appearance of the GamerHash AI application is a perfect confirmation that the DePIN concept will be a significant trend in 2024. DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) is the concept of using blockchain technology and tokens to build and maintain networks in a decentralized way. The AI ​​network is a good example of this because it is decentralized (hundreds of thousands of players around the world) and at the same time can offer a huge amount of computing power needed for AI tasks.

The popularity of such solutions and the simultaneous dynamic development of the AI ​​industry make DePIN a trend of 2024. DePIN GPUs will play a key role over the next quarters as the demand for AI services continues to grow. This is best seen in specific numbers. According to the latest data, Midjourney is currently used by 16.45 million users. In turn, Chat GPT already has approximately 180 million users. These are just some of the AI ​​tools, because this industry is developing at a very dynamic pace.

Overall, GamerHash AI is a great way to make money, driven by PC power and AI power demand. This project is worth watching because the entire DePIN and GamerHash AI sector will be talked about in the next 12 months.