Nike intends to move towards Web3. NFT wearables are a digital goldmine

Global giants are increasingly looking favorably towards tokenization, NFTs and Web3. Nike is one such company. Moreover, the brand known for its flagship slogan “Do It!” announces further involvement in Web3. The company will pay special attention to the so-called NFT wearables, in games like Fortnite. Does Nike set a new trend for the entire fashion and sports industry?

Nike sees gaming as a niche that has huge potential

The brand was founded in 1964 and has been setting trends in street fashion and sports for decades. Now Nike is looking more and more boldly towards Web3, NFT tokens and the opportunities brought by digitization and tokenization. Although the brand has already taken its first steps in Web3, in the official blog entry the company's management admits that SWOOSH's presence in the digital space will be even greater.

To clarify, it is worth noting that Swoosh is not only the name of the world-famous company logo, but also the name of the platform where users can buy digital Nike items in the form of NFT tokens. It is worth adding that in June 2023, Nike started cooperation with Epic Games, creating skins inspired by iconic sportswear series. Although skins in Fortnite were in the form of regular collectibles available in the game, it is possible that subsequent collections may include Web3.

NFT wearables, or who buys virtual clothes in games?

From the point of view of a player raised at the turn of the century (and technology), the decision to buy skins in the form of NFTs is most often absurd. It is worth adding, however, that cosmetic elements have been driving the gaming industry for years, especially those based on competitive multiplayer games.

Interestingly, one of the main pioneers of this trend was CS:GO, which offered weapon skins often worth several dozen thousand USD. Today, NFT wearables play exactly the same role – they diversify the gameplay and are a kind of investment. The Web3 gaming industry is growing at such a pace that it will soon no longer be perceived as a separate branch of the electronic entertainment sector.

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