Did you miss out on BNB, UNI and KCS? Don’t miss the token issue of this famous cryptocurrency exchange

One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, operating continuously for almost 10 years, decided to release its token. As is widely known, cryptocurrency exchanges are currently one of the key areas of operation of the entire digital assets market. Why is it worth having this particular exchange token in your wallet?

Complementing an ecosystem that has been operating for years

The central element of the ecosystem on which the ZND token will be based is the zondacrypto cryptocurrency exchange, which has been operating for 10 years. It is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Central and Eastern Europe. zondacrypto provides fully secure exchange, adapted to current regulatory standards, for over 1,300,000 users. However, the average monthly number of active users is 180,000. Additionally, the platform is in good financial condition, secured by assets of EUR 520 million. In 2021-2024, the exchange’s revenues amounted to EUR 37 million.

Another element of the ecosystem is zondacrypto pay. A solution thanks to which you can see the inscription “bitcoin accepted here” in more and more places. zondacrypto pay works both in online and stationary stores thanks to POS terminals.

The ecosystem is complemented by the ZND platform, where you can make your digital assets work for you and thus achieve purely passive income.

The ZND token is created in cooperation between zondacrypto and ICEO Group and will complement all of the above. part of the zondacrypto ecosystem. This means that the development of any of the elements of the ecosystem will drive an increase in the value of the token. Therefore, it is not just an ordinary exchange token, but the fuel that powers a whole range of products and services whose aim is to invite cryptocurrencies into everyday life. The ZND token is another step towards maximizing the adoption rate of digital finance, which should be understandable, accessible and user-friendly.

ZND token utility

The ZND token provides the zondacrypto ecosystem with usability and features such as:

  • Possibility of staking and asset farming
  • Prizes from a special pool intended to reward long-term owners and the most active users of the ecosystem as part of the loyalty program.
  • Rewards under the affiliate program.
  • Covering transaction fees on the ZND platform.
  • Access to premium subscription models with ‘Earn’.
  • Possibility to trade a wider range of crypto-assets and access to unique collections in the “Trade” service (unique collections are different cryptocurrencies collected in baskets. Each basket contains assets from one category).
  • The basic unit of account across all mechanisms on the platform.

The most important information for investors

I recommend that you mark the date July 18, 2024 in your calendar now, because that is when the first round of public issuance of the ZND token will take place. In total, there will be 4 rounds with the goal of raising EUR 12,207,000 by issuing a total amount of ZND 189,000,000. However, the total supply of tokens will be 700,000,000 pieces. The ZND token is deflationary, which means that no further pieces of the asset will be issued to the network. ZND is based on the ERC-20 standard and its consensus algorithm is Proof-of-Stake. This is to ensure an optimal level of security, decentralization and scalability of the project.

Follow zondacrypto social media, because new information about the token and topics related to it will be regularly provided there. Thanks to them, you will fully understand the operation of the asset and the functionality of the ZND platform. Only with full knowledge of the project will you be able to make a prudent investment decision.

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