Japanese village NFT? An innovative project that aims to help elderly residents of Yamakoshi

The Japanese NFT Village is an experimental project that aims to attract the attention of other countries struggling with the problem of declining birth rates. Thanks to the innovative campaign, 1,700 “digital citizens” arrived in the village of Yamakoshi. All thanks to the sale of non-fungible tokens.

Japan’s NFT Village, a way to support and sustain the aging population of Yamakoshi

The problem of an aging society is often associated with the Land of the Rising Sun. This is not an unfounded association, because Japan has been experiencing a dramatic demographic decline year after year. It is worth adding, however, that in Europe, and especially in Poland, the situation is not much better. In 2023, the number of births in Poland was the lowest since 1945, the date of the end of World War II. Japan is trying to actively combat this problem. This time, non-fungible token technology will be used to fight.

The Japanese NFT Village is a project run by local residents that has two basic assumptions. First, Neo-Yamakoshi Village is expected to attract the attention of other countries struggling with the problem of declining birth rates. Secondly, the project aims to support an aging society. The Nikishigoi NFT token collection (named after a colorful variety of koi carp) allows its owner to become a “digital citizen” of the village of Yamakoshi.

The Japanese NFT Village has already raised over $420,000!

According to a recent report by Japanese research and consulting firm Yuri Group, the project raised over $423,000 from the sale of Nishikigoi NFTs. The proceeds went to community initiatives such as organizing a sports day for local school children.

Nishikigoi tokens are free for residents physically present in the village, while the digital community must purchase them. The floor price is 0.0318 Ether (ETH) as of June 26, according to the Magic Eden NFT marketplace. Will this be what the global fight against the problem of demographic decline will look like soon? There are many indications of this, considering the fact that the Japanese NFT village turned out to be quite a success.