Artificial intelligence and Poznań: the city authorities “hired” a voicebot

There is a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence can take the jobs of copywriters, artists, graphic designers and even lawyers. However, it turns out that a certain voicebot wants to work as a clerk. The Poznań City Hall decided to help him with this.

Artificial intelligence in Poznań

You've probably heard about chatbots. It's time to meet voicebot. It is an artificial intelligence-based tool that can “talk” to people. At the Poznań city hall, he is supposed to help petitioners “recognize the case and conduct the registration process.” The city authorities claim that this is not the only AI tool that supports customer service of the city hotline.

How does voicebot work? Thanks to the “conversation” with the person, he is supposed to recognize what exactly it is about and start the process of booking the applicant's visit to the office. Apparently it's not difficult.

All you really need to do is follow the machine's instructions

– assures Konrad Zawadzki, director of the Poznań Contact Office.

Get along with AI in just a few steps!

On its website, the office describes a few steps that are sufficient to make an appointment and settle your matter.

The beginning is simple and the same as before: just call the phone number 61 646 33 44 and then press the key 8 (this is “visit registration”). In the second step, we talk to AI. Voicebot will ask us about the purpose of the visit (e.g. collecting an ID card). Then we provide a date that suits us for settling the matter. In the fourth step, we confirm the data (i.e. date, time and our phone number). And that's all. We will also receive an SMS with information about the date of the visit to the office.

Currently, residents can book an appointment in this way at the Department of Civil Affairs and Communication Rights, the Civil Registry Office and the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Łódź is moving in the same direction

In October, the City Hall of Łódź decided to pilot a similar service. AI helps residents with city tax matters. The virtual assistant is also able to answer frequently asked questions.

This type of “employee” can work around the clock, which should improve the work of the office and make life easier for city residents.