Justin Sun, wallet and bitcoin amount. The founder of Tron boasts about his portfolio, but something is wrong!

Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron project, showed off his cryptocurrency wallet. A screenshot of a wallet containing 28,614 BTC appeared on social media. The value of this portfolio on HTX is approximately USD 1.6 million. However, some doubts quickly appeared and were expressed by a well-known expert in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Justin Sun shows off his wallet

The popularity of cryptocurrencies means that many people share their portfolios on social media. Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron project, was also among them. On the X website, he revealed a screenshot of his HTX wallet. Although the main motivation for such behavior was certainly to draw attention to prudence and accumulate nearly 30,000 BTC before the bull market, Justin Sun certainly also wanted to show that he was actively using the HTX exchange. The founder of the Tron project actively cooperates with the HTX exchange, as he mentioned in the post:

My personal account on the HTX exchange (information for those who claim that I do not use HTX).

The amount of bitcoins accumulated on Justin Sun's account is the equivalent of approximately USD 1.5 million. This amount actually makes quite an impression. However, it turned out that not all that glitters is gold, because the entry of the owner of the Tron project was quickly analyzed by Adam Cochran, a well-known cryptocurrency expert.

A big mistake or a deliberate distortion of reality?

Justin Sun's wallet spread like wildfire on social media and was quickly picked up by cryptocurrency analyst Adam Cochran. According to the expert, the screenshot and the amount of BTC in Sun's wallet definitely do not match the data from the HTH exchange. Well, the creator of Tron actually had to slightly adjust the amount of bitcoins he owned on the HTX exchange. Not to mention how reckless it is to keep your assets in a hot stock market wallet.

According to data provided by Adam Chochran, either HTX does not have any real users or the screenshot is manipulated. HTX is a new addition to the old Houbi exchange, which is known as one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. Justin Sun has been cooperating with the company for many years, so it is in his interest to promote it. Nevertheless, such a slip-up definitely undermines his truthfulness.