Harry Dent predicts a stock market apocalypse. His answer is Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki decided to deal with Harry Dent. Reason? The latter warned against investing in bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki vs. Harry Dent

Dent is an American financial newsletter writer and author of numerous publications. His 2009 book, The Great Depression Aheadappeared on the bestseller list New York Times. However, in the eyes of our readers, he is probably a boomer who does not understand what is happening in the world today. Reason? He has been warning against investing capital in BTC for a long time.

76-year-old Robert Kioysaki decided write with Xwhat he thinks about Dent's predictions.

Harry Dent predicts the biggest crash of 'everything' is coming. He says “baby boomers” will be the biggest losers as their homes plummet in value. He says the S&P will fall 80%. He also predicts that bitcoin will fall back to $200 per coin

– began to list the author of numerous books on investing.

After a while, however, he added a few words of comfort for the more aware boomers:

If Harry's right, I'll just buy more real estate, gold and silver. If bitcoin drops to $200 per coin, I will buy as many coins as I can. If Harry is right… those who are prepared will soon become multi-millionaires and perhaps there will be a few new billionaires. I hope Harry Dent is right. Even if he is not the one who holds the gold, silver (…).

Finally, he repeated that gold and silver are “God's money” and “Bitcoin is people's money.”

The dollar is fake money

– he commented.

Apocalypse according to Dent

Harry Dent is one of the most famous black magicians in the world. He is probably fighting for the top spot only with Nouriel Roubini.

In April 2023, Dent warned that we were facing an 86% crash on the S&P 500. This was to be accompanied by a 92% drop on the Nasdaq and, in fact, the collapse of bitcoin. In his opinion, the BTC rate was to drop 95-96% from ATH.

As we know, spring 2023 was a time when it was still worth investing in bitcoin. Anyone who did this and held the cryptocurrency until this year already has a large realized or unrealized profit today.

So why such pessimism? First of all, it may be the result of… cynicism. Bad news sells great, so in this respect it is worth being black-sighted. In addition, Dent, like many people his age (he is 70), does not understand bitcoin and where its phenomenon comes from. Hence the belief in a decline of over 90%.