The ZRO token dropped by over 20%! The reason is the controversy with airdrop

The LayerZero project was the center of interest of a large part of the cryptocurrency community. However, the newly released ZRO token has big problems, falling by over 20% in just two hours! All because of a controversial provision in the airdrop regulations, which literally enraged the community.

Will the ZRO token fly towards zero? The community reacts to the airdrop controversy

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is one unwritten rule that unites all lovers of digital assets. Airdrops are free. The very idea of ​​a token drop for the community is intended to reward investors who believed in the project at an early stage and helped in its development. Aidropy is literally sacred to many cryptocurrency users, thanks to which playing and investing in digital assets makes so much sense. LayerZero is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that has been quite popular in recent weeks. The project community was primarily waiting for the launch of the ZRO token and the associated airdrop.

The ZRO token was introduced on June 20 and its value increased by 15.15% to USD 4.71 within 20 minutes. However, over the next 2 hours, the price of the ZRO token dropped by over 20%. The reason for this rapid decline in values ​​was a controversial provision in the airdrop regulations. Users learned that if they want to claim their tokens, they must transfer 0.10 in USDC, USDT or native ETH, for each ZRO token.

A wave of criticism from LayerZero developers!

The airdop fee is intended to support the Protocol Guild, a funding mechanism for Ethereum developers. Many users have loudly and bluntly criticized this move because they believe it contradicts the nature of airdrops. There have been calls for developers to change the name from aidrdop to something more reminiscent of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The LayerZero team responded to these comments. Developers have admitted that traditional airdrops no longer contribute to goals such as equal distribution, community building and the “health” of the protocol. So it looks like the LayerZero team intends to move away from traditionally understood airdops.