Do Kwon will go to South Korea. However, extradition is a foregone conclusion!

Just two days ago, the network reported that Do Kwon had won his extradition appeal. Today, however, Montenegrin media report that Do Kwon will go to South Korea. Interpol will assist in extradition.

Why will Do Kwon go to South Korea instead of the US?

The Do Kwon saga is entering a completely new chapter. As recently as March 6, it seemed that Do Kwon might be playing cat and mouse with the justice system. The court in Montenegro decided that Do Kwon would go to South Korea. This information was reported by local media on Thursday evening. On Thursday, the Korean National Police Agency asked Interpol for help in extraditing the creator of Terra LUNA to South Korea. It is worth adding that the agency was supposed to emphasize that it was Korea that requested extradition and Do Kwon should be tried in his homeland, not in the United States.

The decisive attitude of the Korean justice system and police can be supported by the fact that an election campaign is currently underway in South Korea. Successfully bringing Kwon to prison will send a very clear signal to voters. Although the Montenegrin court has not yet given the exact date when Do Kwon will reach South Korea, it will certainly happen in the coming days or weeks. The Korean spent 12 months in a Montenegrin prison.

Will Do Kwon be sent to South Korea on the anniversary of his arrest in Podgorica?

The Korean will face fraud charges related to the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. The algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD crashed in May 2022, resulting in a loss of as much as $45 billion in market capitalization. Do Kwon escaped from Korea and went undetected for several months. However, the Korean fell into the hands of the police when in March 2023 he tried to buy a plane ticket using a false ID.

Over the next 12 months, both South Korea and the United States filed extradition requests for the Korean. These, however, were systematically rejected. For a moment, it even seemed that Do Kwon might be released from custody due to the court rejecting subsequent extradition requests. But now it looks like he won't escape justice. In two weeks it will be exactly one year since the Korean was detained in Podgorica, so it is quite possible that the extradition will take place then.