Bitcoin Ordinals protocol at risk? It has been included on the cybersecurity threat list

Bitcoin developer Luke Dashjr has stated that he has nothing to do with the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol being flagged as a cybersecurity risk on the NVD list. The denial of this news is due to an entry on the X website from December 6. That's when Luke Dashjr raised the alarm about a security flaw that could “spam the blockchain network.” Is the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol at risk?

Bitcoin Ordinals is at risk? Developer Dashjr denies adding the protocol to NVD

NVD, or Natinal Vulnerability Database, is a place for organized storage of cybersecurity data. It is something like a database that contains all the dangers of cyberspace. Such a database contains faulty or vulnerable protocols or codes that may pose a threat. It turns out that Bitcoin “Inscriptions” have been included as a cybersecurity threat both in the NVD and in a similar CVE (Common Vulnerabilites and Exposure) list. Bitcoin Ordinals supporters were quick to associate the appearance of “Inscriptions” on the NVD and CVE lists with Luka Dashjr's December 6 entry.

The developer himself admitted on the X website that he had nothing to do with marking Bitcoin Inscriptions as a cybersecurity vulnerability. It is worth noting that on December 11, “Inscriptions” appeared on the updated NVD charts with a base score of 5.3 medium. The scale in NVD is from 0-10 points.

The Bitcoin Ordinals debate continues

As a reminder, it is worth recalling what Bitcoin Ordinals are and why they cause so much controversy in the cryptocurrency community. Well, the Ordinals protocol allows you to enter additional information directly on the Satoshi, i.e. a component part of bitcoin (1BTC is 100,000,000 satoshi). Thanks to the Ordinals protocol, it is therefore possible to create NFT tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is worth adding that BRC-20 tokens have recently enjoyed constantly growing interest, a perfect example of which was the ORDI token, which will reach a capitalization of USD 1 billion.

Interestingly, Luka Dashjr's post condemning the protocol appeared in response to this fact. The inclusion of Bitcoin Inscriptions, i.e. the Ordinals protocol, on the NVD list only inflamed the discussion about the validity of NFTs minted on the Bitcoin network. For Bitcoin purists, this is unthinkable and they consider the Ordinals protocol to be a clear waste of the potential of the BTC network. Supporters of the protocol emphasize that the network must adapt to new challenges and evolve with the cryptocurrency market and user demand. Bitcoin Ordinals appears to be at risk only from continued interest at this point.

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