NBX 2024 Warsaw is behind us! Kanga at the most important blockchain conference in Warsaw

On May 15-16, the next edition of one of the largest conferences in Europe dedicated to blockchain technology and the Web3 market, Next Block Expo, took place. Kanga won the award for the “most innovative cryptocurrency exchange”.

Next Block Expo and Kanga

In mid-May, Warsaw once again became the European center of blockchain technology and the Web3 industry for two days. During the 4th edition of Next Block Expo (including the two previous ones that took place in Berlin), guests from Poland and abroad shared their observations and experiences on the crypto market during numerous lectures.

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges – Kanga – could not miss such an event. The CEO of the Kanga stock exchange, Sławek Zawadzki, treated the participants with an informative speech at the end of the first day of the conference. The lecture entitled “Heroes of our times – meeting people in cryptocurrencies” was intended to indicate what is the real strength of the entire ecosystem.

Zawadzki mentioned how people dealing with bitcoin were viewed skeptically in the past. He also listed examples of quotes from famous and influential people who still speak negatively about cryptocurrencies. In addition to the president of JPMorgan, i.e. Jamie Dimon, and Warren Buffett from Berkshire Hathawa, the statement of the president of the NBP, i.e. Adam Glapiński, was quoted. All the above-mentioned gentlemen do not have a very good opinion of bitcoin and do not recognize its value. However, Sławek Zawadzki emphasized that it is the unwavering faith in cryptocurrencies on the part of the market community that is the reason that this industry continues to develop and flourish.

The world that has so far made fun of us and pointed fingers at us is now starting to apologize to the idea of ​​Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

– said President Kanga.

There was also a quiz organized by Kanga University (a cryptocurrency knowledge course). This initiative was also positively received – over 100 people answered each of the 21 questions! After all, industry knowledge is a key tool for earning money. It must be admitted that some of the questions were very tricky and even advanced traders sometimes had doubts about giving the correct answer.

The culmination of Kanga's presence at NBX Expo 2024 was winning a statuette in the “most innovative cryptocurrency exchange” category.

Bull rally

The debates during the conference covered many issues, but it is worth highlighting the speech titled: “Current and Future Narratives Driving the Bull Run”, which dealt with what will fuel the continuation of the bullish rally on the cryptocurrency market in the coming months. The speakers who appeared on this panel included Gareth Jenkinson, a well-known journalist of the Cointelegraph website, Miko Matsumura, managing partner at Cryptos Capital, and Adrian Zduńczyk – better known as Crypto, a representative of the Polish scene in the cryptocurrency industry, who is gaining more and more fame in the world. Birb.

We also had the opportunity to witness great discussions on supporting cryptocurrency projects from the point of view of crypto-influencers. This debate from the very beginning was a guarantee of interesting observations and important conclusions. The line-up of speakers included Maciej Tomczyk (CEO KryptoEkipa), Mike Satoshi (Krypto Naród), Kamil Predecki (Encyclopedia of Cryptocurrencies) and Patryk Kempiński (DevDreamHouse & RoboHero).

Passion, enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge – these three aspects dominated the atmosphere of the conference, which could be observed while walking between the stands and taking part in the conversations. Most participants are satisfied with the current situation on the digital asset market and are optimistic about what the next months will bring.