Rafał Zaorski is counting on declines in Bitcoin prices? We know the answer!

Rafał Zaorski published a post yesterday in which he scared the market with Bitcoin's declines. At least that's how some media interpreted his words. What's the truth?

Rafał Zaorski is over!

Let's start from the beginning. Cezary Graf, as he introduces himself, a wealth advisor, encouraged by Friday's reports about Iran's imminent attack on Israel, decided to play fortune teller. He came to the conclusion that the dollar would be at PLN 6, Tether would collapse, and we would have to pay USD 3,500 for one ounce of gold. And most importantly: Rafał Zaorski will “fall”.

Graf is a guy without a sense of humor (has anyone ever seen him smile?), so it's hard not to take these prophecies seriously!

So probably the most interested person, Rafał Zaorski, decided to comment on the post. The most famous Polish speculator played open cards. Yes, it ends after all.

He finally confessed to everything. And they don't even give him money for a notebook in the local shop, and he didn't give PLN 4,000 to his friend. Don't be surprised if he tries to sell you a Big Mac at McDonald's next week!

However, he was desperate and decided to play his Waterloo. He's going short on Bitcoin!

Hey, it was a joke!

Of course it was all a joke. It turns out, however, that not everyone thought it was serious and some media appeared with headlines about “Zaor” “betting his entire fortune on inheritance” and BTC and Wall Street.

His decision to put everything on one card reflects his deep belief in the movement in global markets that is soon to come. Whether the speculator will ultimately achieve his goals or be defeated by the market, we may soon find out

– we read on Comparic.pl.

The hero of the text himself quickly referred to it.

When the local editorial office cannot afford chatgpt4 to generate articles and employs students for internships to complete the internship of the 2nd semester of journalism, and you do not understand the concept of irony, because it is only in the 4th year of studies

– he mocked at X.

The person writing these words is already lost as to who is trolling whom: Zaorski is trolling all of us, or the editorial team of Comparic.pl because they believed in Rafał's declaration. And the worst thing is that April Fool's Day is almost a year away!