This is not the time to live in Disneyland!

Robert Kiyosaki, who has been warning against the economic crisis for years, believes that today is the time to be prepared for the worst. This means investing in Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki warns: don't live in illusions!

The author of widely read books on financial intelligence asked himself whether he would like an economic crisis to occur. He quickly replied no. However, he is a pessimist. Not to worry in advance. It's about preparing for the worst.

It's better to prepare for the worst than to live in Disneyland like most people do. For years I predicted the coming crisis… that's why I wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

he reminded about his most famous book, which is a good introduction to understanding how the financial system works and how to invest.

(…) I ran my business, used debt to buy cash-generating assets like rental properties, saved real gold and silver, and today bitcoin

– he listed what he did and what each of us can do.

He ended the post with the correct statement that the crisis “can be the perfect time to get rich, (become) really rich, if you are prepared for it.”

Stop living in Disneyland and get ready to get rich (…). Please be prepared and exercise caution. It's getting exciting

– added.

These tips make sense!

In fact, owning gold and silver during an economic crisis makes sense. This is when safe havens fully flourish and allow patient people to either earn or at least retain the purchasing value of capital.

How will bitcoin behave during a recession? It is not entirely clear, because cryptocurrency has a life of its own. Its price is correlated with the valuation of technology shares, but it can surprise in this field.

As a child of the 2008 crisis, BTC will likely increase in value as the old system begins to fall apart again. For now, however – despite Kyiosaki's apocalyptic tone – we are still far from a deep recession.