RNDR token surged 11% after Apple mentioned Octane!

Three seconds. Such a brief mention of Octane Render software in an Apple presentation was enough for the RNDR token to increase by 11%. The viral increase in interest in AI tokens is not slowing down, and RNDR is the best example of this. How long will this trend last?

RNDR is going up – one of the reasons is Apple's mention of Octane Render

The thing about Apple ads is that they can spread across the entire media world at lightning speed. A perfect example of this is the increase in the value of the RNDR token associated with the Octane Render software. This is DePIN, a decentralized physical infrastructure network that allows you to use the distributed power of graphics cards to provide computing power to AI models.

The Render token (RNDR) rose as much as 11% after Apple briefly mentioned Octane in its presentation showing the M4 chip in the latest iPad. It is worth adding that the iPad advertisement itself received wide media attention, but this is a story for a separate article. Coming back to the topic, all it took was a three-second mention and the visible $RNDR logo for investors to flock to the AI ​​token. This is a clear trend visible not only in the growth of RNDR, but also in other AI tokens, such as Fetch.ai.

How long will the AI ​​token hype last?

The exponential increase in interest in tokens related to the topic of generative artificial intelligence is visible to the naked eye. Of course, the topic of artificial intelligence itself is present in the media, which means that everything related to AI is also gaining considerable coverage. Experts point out that the interest in AI tokens may result not only from the practical applications of DePINs, but also from a much more trivial thing, i.e. Nvidia's next quarterly profits.

The company responsible for graphics cards has been making a fortune on generative artificial intelligence for over a year. The next quarterly report describing Nvidia's financial results for the first quarter of 2024 will be released on May 22. At the time of writing this article, the Render token is worth $11.53.