Pudgy Penguins outclass BAYC with their price. Spring on the NFT token market

The Pudgy Penguins NFT collection is increasing in value and has just reached a symbolic milestone. The cheapest available Pudgy Penguins NFT was more expensive than the cheapest available NFT from the collection of the infamous BAYC monkeys. This is the first time a collection with penguins has achieved a higher price than BAYC. The NFT token market is waking up with the cryptocurrency market boom.

Pudgy Penguins on top, i.e. penguins on a green wave

It seemed that NFT tokens would die, forgotten by the cryptocurrency community. However, it turns out that the declines in the non-fungible token market will be made up for by the green wave currently sweeping the market. A perfect signal of this is the increase in the value of the Pudgy Penguins collection, which was considered one of the most serious competitors of the BAYC collection. Avatars with bored monkeys have become somewhat of a symbol of the collapse of the NFT token market, although their value has recently started to increase again.

However, at the front of the peloton there is another leader who does not intend to hide his head under the ice. The cheapest NFT from the Pudgy Penguins collection at a price of 22.65 ETH (62.92 USD) exceeded the value of the cheapest available BAYC token costing 22.15 ETH (61.53 USD). Interestingly, this fact was commented on by Yuga Labs, the creators of the Bored Apes Yacht Club collection.

Pudgy Penguins NFT, or a broad perspective on the Web3 ecosystem

The increase in the price of the NFT collection with cute penguins is a combination of the spring on the cryptocurrency and NFT tokens market and the systematic work of the team. Pudgy Penguins is not only a collection of non-fungible tokens, but a brand spreading its penguin wings on Web3 and broadly understood marketing. You can buy cute penguin mascots in Walmart stores and on the official website.

In December, the Pudgy World game was also announced, which will be based on the zkSync blockchain. It is therefore clear that the increase in the value of the collection is caused primarily by the very well-thought-out marketing of its creators. Adding spring to the cryptocurrency market, we can expect record values ​​of individual tokens from this collection. Does this, in turn, herald the return of the NFT token craze? It won't be as big a boom as in 2021, but non-fungible tokens are definitely back in the game!

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