Pixels from Polygon to Ronin. Migration strategy explained by the game developer

Web3 Pixels migrates from Polygon to Ronin. All before the launch of the PIXEL token, which is the culmination of the long adventure of this title that has been going on since 2021. Game creator Luke Barwikowski recently explained why he decided to move the game from the Polygon blockchain to Ronin.

The winding road of the Web3 Pixels game – why was it decided to migrate to the Ronin blockchain?

Pixels is a simple browser game that draws heavily from classic Web2 gaming titles, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Pokemon from Nintendo 3DS. The concept is very simple – you create your own farm where you grow various plants. Everything is powered by the Web3 ecosystem and based on the long-announced PIXELS token. The game was initially developed on Plolygon, a blockchain very popular among Web3 game developers.

Interestingly, moments before the token's release, the game's creator, Luke Barwikowski, decided to migrate the game from the Polygon blockchain to Ronin. The main reason for this migration was the so-called Ronin Effect. It involves the Ronin gaming community playing and promoting new Web3 games built on the Ronin blockchain. As Barwikowski himself says in an interview for Decrypt:

We were just much more in tune with their own ecosystem than with the Polygon ecosystem. That's why migration made sense.

Will the Web3 gaming industry flourish with the cryptocurrency market boom?

The launch of the PIXELS token coincided with significant increases in the cryptocurrency and NFT token markets. There is no denying that this is a very good time for all projects in the Web3 gaming industry, due to the high interest in digital assets. Thanks to this, Web3 games can gain publicity that was hard to find during the cryptocurrency winter.

This is very clearly visible in the fact that the giants of the traditional gaming industry are also looking with interest at the decentralized version of electronic entertainment. Web3 Gaming is no longer associated with scams and games based solely on token farming. More and more thoughtful and refined games like Pixels confirm the gaming community that the merger of Web2 and Web3 gaming is getting closer.

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