The BTC rate is increasing after halving. IBIT from BlackRock with record proceeds!

Bitcoin halving has become a fact. The BTC rate increases by over 2.5% after the halving. An interesting record was also announced by IBIT from BlackRock, which recorded record inflows for 69 days. How will halving affect the digital asset market and will we experience a cyclical boom?

The BTC rate is going up after halving.

Bitcoin halving has once again become a fact. This time, however, increases in the digital asset market were visible the entire quarter before this cyclical event. Of course, the reason for the bull market before the halving was the approval of applications for Bitcoin-based spot ETFs. The BTC rate after the halving increased by over 2.5% within 24 hours, to over USD 65,000.

Interesting information circulated among the ETF analyst community immediately after the halving. Well, on Friday, April 19, IBIT recorded the highest inflow of funds in 69 days. This is a clear signal showing that the current bitcoin halving has become an event followed by mainstream media and the financial world. The IBIT fund is still the record holder in terms of inflows. This fact is not surprising considering the enormous financial resources of this corporation. BlackRock is certainly counting on increased interest in BTC after its halving and further record inflows. Applications for approval of Ethereum-based spot funds are also starting to loom in the background.

Will the optimistic mood also apply to altcoins?

Speaking of altcoins, it is worth taking a look at their situation after the BTC halving. The ETH rate increased by over nearly 4% within 24 hours to USD 3,162. Solana, the dark horse of the BTC-ETF bull market, is also growing by over 6%, and within a week it is over 8%.

This clearly shows that the digital asset market is starting to show the first signs of recovery. Although talking about a post-halving bull market is still far too much, the first symptoms are optimistic. The coming week will be an important determinant of trends in the cryptocurrency market. The BTC rate after the halving will now be closely watched by both analysts and investors.