Spotlight Collection – NFT tokens connected to a music festival!

Tokenization of the entertainment industry is becoming more and more widespread. A perfect example of this is the Spotlight Collection, which is a collection of NFT tokens associated with the Spotlight Music Festival. Up for grabs are Melody tokens and Harmony tokens, which offer their owners a number of benefits. Will Web3 permanently enter the repertoire of music festivals?

Spotlight Collection as a creative element of the Spotlight Music Festival

The craze for the cryptocurrency industry continues, so now is the best time to introduce Web3 innovations. This was the idea behind the idea of ​​the creators of the Spotlight Music Festival. On the occasion of the musical feast, unique NFT tokens were created. Spotlight Collection is a digital collection prepared especially for participants of this year's festival.

This collection is divided into two tokens, i.e. Melody Token and Harmony. The first of them gives the owner a virtual festival poster, a 20% discount on Spotlight Music Festival 2025 and access to the closed Spotlight Collection fan group with information and invitations to upcoming music events.

As for Harmony tokens, it is a limited series that only 5 people will be able to obtain during the festival. The lucky ones will receive a free pass to the Spotlight Music Festival 2025, a CD and a festival poster with autographs, gifts from Aquapark Reda and GeloVox, and access to the closed group of Spotlight Collection fans.

The festival will take place on March 15-17 in Gdynia.

How will Web3 change the music industry?

Spotlight Music Festival's collection of NFT tokens is perfect proof that the entertainment industry and Web3 can work together perfectly. Tokenization of the music industry is an increasingly discussed topic, and tickets saved in the form of NFT tokens are not only modern, but above all, extremely practical – you won't lose such a ticket anywhere.

Such solutions are becoming more and more common and it is quite possible that they will soon become a standard. This may be confirmed by the resurrection of the NFT token sector, which – along with the cryptocurrency spring – is currently experiencing a second youth.

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