Trader21 focuses on ether, not bitcoin?

Trader21, i.e. Cezary Głuch, a well-known investor and creator of the Independent Trader blog, appeared on the Finansowy Preppers channel. He said, among others: about cryptocurrencies.

Trader21 focuses on cryptocurrencies

Trader21 has already commented on cryptocurrencies many times. He admitted that he returned to this market at the end of 2022, purchasing, among others, bitcoins and ethers. During an interview he gave to Financial Preppers, he said what type of assets will allow investors to earn the most in 2024.

If I had to choose one asset group, it would be cryptocurrencies. I have several percent (of the value of my investment portfolio) in cryptocurrencies. At this point I already have more ether than bitcoin because I made some changes recently. In some time I will jump to altcoins altogether

– he answered this question.

However, he also added that cryptocurrencies are “such a volatile group of assets” that he himself feels uncomfortable with “such a share”, i.e. several percent.

He admitted that his portfolio also includes safer assets, such as gold and silver in physical form or shares of mining companies. He still has cash (USD, to be precise), but he is gradually getting rid of it by buying various assets.

He also warned that the BTC chart may experience a crash on the scale of what took place in March 2020. Then, the decline occurred as a result of the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it could be a Russian attack on the Suwałki Isthmus.

Fear of war

In the conversation, Trader21 indicated that he was afraid of the outbreak of war in Eastern Europe. He recommended reading the book by Jacek Bartosiak and Piotr Zychowicz entitled World War III is coming.

Since the topic of armed conflict has already come up, it is worth explaining what exactly Trader21 meant. Let me reassure you right away: he didn't mean strictly Russia's attack on our country. However, he considers it realistic that Moscow will destabilize Latvia. In accordance with its obligations towards NATO, Poland would then have to send its troops to help its ally. The Suwałki Isthmus becomes crucial here, an area that is strategically important – it is a communication route that can be used to send aid to the Baltic countries. Therefore, the Russians might want to occupy it if war breaks out.