The Japanese blockchain Oasys focuses on the expansion of Web3 games. Metabora SG new partner

The Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys is focusing on expansion and joining forces with a new partner. It is the South Korean company Metabora SG, part of the Asian gaming giant Kakao Games. The main goal of this cooperation is to help Web3 game developers expand into the Japanese market.

Blockchain Oasys joins forces with Metabora SG

The Asian gaming market is constantly evolving, and one of the significant changes is the increasing popularity of Web3 games. The Japanese gaming blockchain is constantly developing its prospects, a perfect example of which is the cooperation announced today. Oasys joins forces with Metabora SG, the blockchain arm of Kakao Games – the company responsible for titles such as the MMORPG Black Desert. The goal of this collaboration is to make it easier for Web3 game developers to expand in the Japanese market, which is embracing the decentralized concept of electronic entertainment as much as sushi is soy sauce.

The company's official announcement reads:

Metagora SG brings with it experience in creating immersive gaming experiences, which, combined with Eco-friendly technology from Oasys, will attract the interest of Web3 gamers from Japan.

The partnership of the two companies is part of Oasys' Dragon Update, the company's development plan for 2024. The company's main goal for the coming quarters is to focus on the expansion of blockchain-based gaming through greater interoperability and making it easier for developers to enter the Japanese market. It is worth adding that just last week the company announced a partnership with Com2uS, a South Korean studio that will embed its Web3 games on the Oasys blockchain.

Blockchain on which Ubisoft's Web3 game is released

The popularity of the Oasys blockchain is growing at an impressive pace, as evidenced not only by the above-mentioned partnerships, but also by cooperation with Ubisoft. This giant of the gaming industry, responsible for such hits as the 15-year-old Assasin's Creed series, intends to enter the world of Web3 gaming and bring it closer to traditional gamers.

It is on the Oasys blockchain that the Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles game is to be released. Interestingly, on February 23-24, the team responsible for the game will be present at the NFT Paris fair. According to the entry on the X website, participants will have the opportunity to play an early alpha game. The game's premiere is scheduled for the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2024.