Arsenal 2.0 and other news on the Challenger Project platform!

Although the first quarter of a new year is usually a three-month lull in the gaming community, things are completely different in Web3 gaming. The Challenger Project platform announced two big news on social media – the integration of the Arsenal 2.0 game and registration to host e-sports competitions.

Arsenal 2.0 – decentralized CS that has a chance of great success

CS has been bringing together players from all over the world for years, offering a unique, yet slightly out-of-school gameplay, even taking CS:GO into account. What if the Web3 ecosystem was added to the gameplay layer? This is the assumption behind the creators of the game Arsenal 2.0, which is a combination of an atmospheric FPS with a Web3 layer based on the Fabwelt token (WELT) and NFT. The game is gaining popularity, and the Challenger Project platform has announced integration with the title. It is worth adding that the production by Fabwelt Studios Ltd. is being developed from 2022.

Regular Arsenal 2.0 challenges will now be available on CHLL.GG. The game can be downloaded both for PC and mobile devices with Android – the iOS version will be available soon. The integration of the Arsenal 2.0 game is therefore the perfect time to check out the Web3 shooter referring to the gaming classic, which is, of course, Counter-Strike.

Registration for hosts of epsort competitions has started!

Another exciting piece of information from the Challenger Project platform is the start of registration for hosts of esports competitions. What's more, these registrations are completely free at the moment. The number of places available is limited and registration is open only until the end of March. From April, entering the whitelist will require CHLL staking, so it's worth hurrying.

Application to the program is very simple and requires signing up at this address and waiting for verification. This is a great opportunity for all players who want to get involved in Web3 esports, get $CHLL tokens and gain followers and a Facebook following! The last but not the least important news is the growth of the $CHLLL token.

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