Joe Biden wants to limit AI. The reason is deepfakes and the danger of influencing elections

Joe Biden's last speech brought a lot of information about upcoming regulations regarding artificial intelligence. The US president wants to limit AI, and AI vote generators, such as the Polish startup Eleven Labs, have become the main target. Everything is aimed at securing the upcoming US presidential elections against fraud using AI.

The US president wants to limit AI to protect citizens from threats

The presidential campaign in the United States is in full swing. US citizens will elect a new president in November. However, it turns out that half a year before the elections, the first activities based on artificial intelligence begin to appear, which are intended to influence the election results. In January this year, New Hempchire residents heard Joe Biden himself on their phones.

The incumbent president's administration moved quickly to ban such AI deepfakes, which now pose a huge threat to the upcoming elections. In his March presidential speech, Biden emphasized that America must “tame the power of AI” and that the state's task is to protect citizens from the threats posed by this technology. Watermarks and cryptography are supposed to protect against political disinformation, although at the moment no specific details on how to limit AI have been provided.

Have AI limitations affected the development of Eleven Labs?

One of the most famous AI voice generators is the Polish startup Eleven Labs. It allows you to obtain excellent voice quality that closely resembles the human voice. It is worth adding that this tool also allows you to clone a voice that will be indicated in the audio or video samples by the user.

In the light of new announcements and the fact that Joe Biden wants to limit AI, the development of Eleven Labs may be in question. The company, which is a Polish unicorn, i.e. an enterprise worth over USD 1 billion, was prepared for such a development. Well, a few months ago, Eleven Labs released a tool that can confirm or deny with 100% certainty that a given recording was created using their AI tool.

Interestingly, Joe Biden's opponent, Donald Trump, also wants to limit AI, which he even called “terrible” in one of his interviews for Fox Business. Regulations and legal frameworks for artificial intelligence are necessary because this industry is developing at a huge pace, which the legislation of individual countries and communities cannot keep up with.