Blockchain detective ZachXBT is on the trail of another scammer!

Blockchain detective ZachXBT is on the trail of the scammer again. This time it will be Gamergear developer with the nickname “scaredofboobs”. ZachXBT is known mainly for his activities on the X portal, but this time he conducted the investigation on Telegram. A blockchain sleuth said he had identified the scammer, known as NFT Machine.

Detective ZachXBT points out the evidence. In the footsteps of the NFT Machine

NFT Machine is the name of an account on Portal X run by OpenFT founder Tyler Gaye. Interestingly, according to a report by LocalToday (a local news website from Denver, Colorado), Gaye was sued for allegedly creating a scam system that extorted money from investors. Using his NFT Machine account, Gaye promoted the OpenFT project, which was intended to create NFT tokens.

In this way, Gaye obtained USD 55,000 from investors and spent the funds for his own needs. What is even more abstract, the fraudster bought with some of the extorted funds… NFT tokens from the MoonCats collection. Furious investors hired a private investigator to track down the NFT Machine. Tyler Gaye was accused of misappropriating investors' funds. The court ordered him to return $55,000 to investors, an additional $55,000 in damages and as much as $165,000 in monetary penalties. This added up to $275,000. Gaye did not show up for the hearing and practically vanished into thin air because the authorities were unable to locate him.

NFT Machine under a new nickname. This time he's scamming people as a Gamesgear developer

Detective ZachXBT claims that he has found a fraudster who not only did not return the extorted funds to investors, but also continues his scam activities. According to a blockchain detective, the fraudster is now hiding under the nickname “scaredofboobs” and is one of the Gamegear developers.

User “scaredofboobs” is known for publishing open-source code related to the development of smart contracts on the Solana platform on X. Detective ZachXBT indicates that the man continues to create new cryptocurrency projects that may be dangerous for investors. ZachXBT is one of the most active cryptocurrency detectives operating on the X portal. His profile is followed by nearly half a million followers.

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