A mysterious bitcoiner saved 9 megabytes of encrypted data on the BTC blockchain

A mysterious bitcoiner spent 1.5 BTC on an inscription on the Bitcoin blockchain. The situation ignites the curiosity of blockchain enthusiasts because he spent the equivalent of USD 66,000 to enter 9 MB of encrypted data into the blockchain. The most expensive transactions in this enigmatic operation cost thousands of dollars. It is worth adding that just a few days earlier, someone sent 27 BTC to Satoshi Nakamoto's address.

Over $60,000 for 9MB of encrypted data. The mysterious Bitcoiner arouses community curiosity

The anonymous BTC wallet made 332 transactions to enter nearly 9 MB of data into the BTC blockchain. The mysterious bitcoiner spent about $66,000 on the entire venture. This data is encrypted, which has aroused the curiosity of the Bitcoin community even more.

Of course, all this is possible thanks to the Ordinals protocol, which assigns data to specific Satoshis, i.e. the smallest units of bitcoin. The Ordinals protocol is breaking popularity records, as evidenced by the constantly increasing number of BRC-20 NFTs. Any type of data can be placed on the blockchain, including encrypted text. The protocol raises a lot of controversy in the Bitcoin community. Its supporters, however, claim that Satoshi Nakamoto himself started the trend of entering data in the BTC blockchain by placing a quote from a British newspaper in the Genesis Block.

The mysterious bitcoiner and his encrypted 9 MB message were quickly picked up by the Ordinals Ord.io account on the X portal. It was there that the greatest discussion about the motives of the initiator of this puzzling venture arose. Interestingly, this is not the only enigmatic case in the last few days.

Transferring 27 bitcoins to Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet address

On Saturday, December 6, information about a strange transaction circulated on the X portal. The entire cryptocurrency community celebrated Bitcoin's 15th birthday on January 3. Just three days later, someone transferred 27 BTC worth USD 1.2 million to Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet address (where Genesis Block was created). As a result, the wallet now contains nearly 100 BTC, although it is only one of the wallets classified as owned by Satoshi Nakamoto. The creator of Bitcoin, which disappeared overnight, has funds worth approximately USD 47 billion in his wallet. So why would someone send such an expensive gift ($1.2 billion) to Satoshi? The answer remains a mystery.