Polish Hub Ordinals is launched! ThePolacy's new initiative

The Bitcoin ecosystem is growing at an increasingly faster pace. A great example of this development is the Runes protocol, which debuted during the April halving. In turn, the Ordinals protocol, which has been developed for over a year, clearly shows that Runes and Ordinals can successfully be called the finish line of this bull market. For this reason, thePolacy collective decided to initiate the Polski Hub Ordinals project. The first online meetup will be held on June 13!

Polish Hub Ordinals, a source of knowledge about Ordinals and Runes!

The emergence of the Ordinals protocol was like an earthquake for the bitcoin community. Enthusiasts of the novelty welcomed the opportunity to create NFTs on the chain of the oldest and most expensive cryptocurrency. Bitcoin purists, in turn, were outraged that it was a waste of the limited and finite possibilities of the blockchain network created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Today, from the perspective of a year with Ordinals, it is known that this project was not just a temporary teaser. This trend was confirmed by the launch of the Runes protocol, which took place in the hottest period of recent months, i.e. during the April halving. An interesting fact is that the launch of one of the largest Runes platforms, Magic Runes, took place on April 23 – exactly 13 years since the last e-mail sent by Satoshi Nakamoto.

One of the most important projects of this boom, which is based on the Ordinals protocol, is the “thePolki” NFT collection from thePolacy collective. It is a unique collection of 777 works of digital art recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. What's more, each owner of thePolki also received 777 Polish Runes ▣ REAL•MONEY. Due to the success of the “thePolki” project, thePolacy collective decided to create Polski Hub Ordinals. The project will be carried out during the summer holidays of 2024 exclusively for holders of NFTs from thePolki collection.

What information will you learn from the Polish Hub Ordinals project?

The main goal of the Polish Hub Ordinals project is to spread knowledge about the Ordinals and Runes protocol and the most interesting collections. The compendium of knowledge that the Poles will share during online meetups also includes the most interesting Ordinals and Runes collections as well as advice on how to enter them effectively. During the first online meetup on June 13, there will be a conversation with experts on what to pay attention to when investing in Ordinals and Runes.

ThePolacy collective team also announced the creation of a public thePolska Piggy Bank. The most important topic for the owners of thePolish women will also be discussed, i.e. Polish Runes ▣ REAL•MONEY. The project is co-created with DFINITY and, as the creators of the collective say:

We are initiating Polish Hub Ordinals together with DFINITY because we want to truly decentralize Poland and unleash human potential. We will achieve the goal if we all work together to educate ourselves about current onchain events, the latest technological trends and how we can use them.

Importantly, to take part in the discussion on June 13 at 6:00 p.m., you must enter thePolki closed Discord channel and verify yourself via the wallet where thePolki Ordinals is located.