An epic flip at Złota 44 may not work out? Rafał Zaorski's first problems with the building administration

The plan to sell the apartment at Złota 44 was for a moment supported by a large part of the cryptocurrency community. Before Christmas 2023, Rafał Zaorski presented a bold plan to divide his apartment worth PLN 23 million into 20,000 shares. However, the epic flip may fail, as shown by the first serious quarrels with the neighbors and the building's administration.

Epic flip in doubt? The building administration shows its position

Rafał Zaorski is a speculator who is able to create a huge media buzz around himself, thanks to which his ideas and projects go viral. It is no different in the case of a project called by the community as an epic flip, i.e. the division of an apartment worth PLN 23 million into 20,000 shareholders. All this spiced up with NFT technology.

However, it turns out that the plan may backfire due to the reaction of the management and administration of the apartment building at Złota 44. How do we know this? Following Zaorski's own X entries. In one of his last posts on

At that time, the exhibition of photographer Dominika Woźniak was organized in Zaorski's apartment. The participants of the opening and Zaorski's guests were stopped by security. The apartment building's management stated that its 485 m2 apartment on the 50th floor can accommodate a maximum of 25 people.

Zaorski announces he will fight for his rights and continue the project

Although the opening in Zaorski's apartment took place with a significant delay, Zaorski announced he would fight for his rights. Thus, he made it clear that the epic flip project is not in danger and that he will not give up his plans. It is worth noting, however, that the decision of the building administration very clearly shows the approach of both the management and the neighbors to Zaorski's plans.

Dividing the apartment into 20,000 shares means that the apartment building will be exposed to constant visits by a large number of people who will want to see the apartment they co-own. The epic flip project will certainly have its challenges, as the building at Złota 44 is the home of many of Rafał Zaorski's wealthy neighbors. Interestingly, this case may be a benchmark of the real estate market in terms of real estate tokenization and the problems that may result from it.

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