Microsoft introduces a new key after 30 years. All because of artificial intelligence

Microsoft is a company that not only follows market trends, but also regularly sets them. The company founded by Bill Gates announced that it will introduce a change to the keyboard of its devices for the first time since 1994. A new feature will be an additional key that will be used to invoke Microsoft Copilot, an assistant based on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft is introducing a revolution in computer keyboards

Computer keyboards will undergo a significant change, and of course it's not about the alphabetical arrangement of the keys (your hands hurt), but about the addition of a new key. Its task will be strictly defined, because this button will be used to invoke Microsoft Copilot, an AI assistant. Copilot itself has been presented by Microsoft several times and actually seems to be a real revolution that will change the way we use computers. Copilot will help you write emails, create images, and search for information.

These solutions are so revolutionary that Microsoft decided to change the arrangement of keys in its devices. Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president of Microsoft, said this was a key moment and compared it to the introduction of the Windows key in 1994. Today, this key is a standard among all keyboards in the world, so it can be safely assumed that Microsoft is introducing another trend for the coming decades.

How soon will we see the Copilot key on our keyboards?

The introduction of the Windows key in 1994 made it a standard in both desktop and laptop keyboards over the following years. It may be similar in the case of the Copilot key, as there is a clear desire to implement AI in both Windows 11 and its successors. Hardware manufacturers will not want to be left behind and will certainly change the layout of their keyboards by adding a Copilot key. It is worth adding that this button is located right next to the right Alt key.

Is this a good and practical place? Definitely yes, because this key will always be “at hand” and at the same time will not interfere with everyday typing. It is true that Polish users may have a slight problem, as it will be located next to the right Alt button, responsible for Polish characters. On the other hand, such an accidental launch of Copilot will be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of AI capabilities.