Joe Biden has laser eyes! But is this about support for bitcoin?

US President Joe Biden has finally done it! He published his photo, in which he has “laser eyes”. For many Bitcoin supporters, it is a symbol of support for cryptocurrencies. However, I have bad news: no, it's not that the current occupant of the White House has become a fan of BTC.

Joe Biden has laser eyes

Biden published a post to which he added a photo of himself with laser eyes. He referred to the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 2024.

When a bitcoin fan sees such a photo – with laser eyes – he has only one association. In this way, a given person declares his or her support for the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies. In the case of Biden, this would be interesting because the election pre-campaign is underway in the US. Already on November 5 this year. Americans will elect a president for another term. The main candidates are Donald Trump, who wants to return to the White House, and Biden, who does not want to leave the capital. The former once criticized Bitcoin, but recently he even dared to declare that he would never agree to the issuance of CBDC. It is known that he has ether himself. So it can fight for the pro-Bitcoin electorate. Biden could do the same.

No, it's not about bitcoin

Unfortunately, the current president ignores the topic of cryptocurrencies. He added laser eyes for a completely different reason. He wanted to refer to the “Dark Brandon” meme, which regains popularity on American social media from time to time.

What's going on with Dark Brandon? This is Biden's alter ego invented by Internet users. It contrasts with the general image of the current president, who resembles a funny grandfather, not a tough “badass”.

Biden could use some “badass” though. According to a survey conducted for ABC News by Ipsos between February 9 and 10, as many as 86 percent respondents say that the current president is too old to continue to be the head of state. After all, he is 81 years old. Although his main rival, Trump, is 77 years old, he looks much younger and livelier. Not to mention mental condition.