Tron to Create “Free” Stablecoin

Tron is currently creating a stablecoin that will operate without gas. In practice, this means that it will be free to use. According to Justin Sun, this will help with adoption.

Tron and its new stablecoin

Tron founder Justin Sun has revealed that his team is working on a stablecoin that will operate without gas, and he wants peer-to-peer transfers to be completely free.

The project is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of this year on the Tron network, and shortly thereafter on the Ethereum blockchain and other public chains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Transfers can (will) be made without paying (for it) any (other) tokens

— Sun explained in X’s July 6 post.

He did not explain how the whole mechanism would work, however. In his opinion, however, this type of solution is needed and could prove to be a breakthrough for companies that want to offer stablecoin payment services. In other words, it could increase adoption.

I believe that such services will make it much easier for large companies to implement stablecoin services (running) on ​​the blockchain, taking mass blockchain adoption to a new level

– says Sun.

Tron is a network that is becoming the center of stablecoins. It processes 2-3 times more transaction volume based on such solutions than second-place Ethereum. It is, in a way, home to over 50 billion tethers.

Tron’s solution could compete with PayPal’s PYUSD, which allows some US users to make free cross-border payments.

Is this the right key to adoption?

But will free stablecoins actually help further adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain? It will certainly be a step in the right direction. This can already be seen in the example of the Tron network, which offers lower transaction fees than Ethereum. This is probably why the former blockchain is more often used in Tether transactions than Vitalik Buterin’s work. Users simply do not like to overpay.

Fees and scalability are the Achilles heel of the industry. It’s good that the market is looking for solutions to these problems.